DK Worldwide

Demilo got into music via the early Jump off shows where he went on to become the producer battles champion (a hot bed of talent responsible for discovering Professor Green, Labrinth, Davinche and Harmony). Following collaborations in the dance and hip-hop scenes, he developed a refreshingly stripped back sound blending 90s culture with cutting edge production. The skill that sets him apart is productions that breathe enough to let artists express themselves clearly.

This brand of sophisticated minimalism has carried through to latest project DK Wolrdwide, teaming up with KritiCal to form a lethal production team.

KritiCal was born in the one of the great musical hubs of UK, Bristol. He moved with his family to Perth in the late nineties but always maintained the link with his homeland through music and UK music culture.

KritiCal started producing music at 14 when an older family friend introduced him to DAW's and he never looked back. Jungle/Drum and Bass was his first love playing around town under an earlier alias. Driven by his passion for music he has worked in his spare time at honing his craft in djing live, presenting radio shows and especially producing. He is strongly influenced by bass music, be it, jungle, garage, grime, dancehall, hip hop and especially reggae.

He plays reggae/dancehall gigs at infamous night spot Mojo's Fremantle for the monthly night 'fisherman style' as part of the mighty EarthLink sound.He has supported the likes of Gappy Ranks, Yt, Million Stylez, Jah Mason, Rodney P and many more.