Base Location: Los Angeles California USA

Ella is an American singer, songwriter and actress from Manchester, NH currently residing in Los Angeles. She’s been noted for her vocals in Joe Bonamassa’s “Different Shades of Blue,” and has appeared in and worked on music videos for Matt Cardle, Iprevail and Joyner Lucas. Growing up in a broken home, Ella found peace in writing music and formed a rock band in high school. She decided to attend university for a degree in biology as a request from her dad to have a better life, but Ella soon discovered that he wasn’t her biological father. Her world unravelling, she packed up her beat up Honda Accord and made the journey to California to connect with her biological father, quickly falling in love with the City of Angels and getting baptized into the hard knocks of Hollywood. Her music reflects her struggle, and her persistent attitude in moving forward on her own terms