W.B.G Kevo

Base Location: Chicago Illinois
 Kevin Stokes aka WBG Kevo was born & raised in Chicago, Illinois  where he gained a passion for creating music. After doing showcases and many live performances he later relocated to Gary, Indiana to further his music career. Growing up emersed in the street life, Kevo knew he had to hurry and make a decision to build a better life through music,  so he joined forces with his cousin Marcus Miner and created White Boy Gang. WBG is named after Kevo’s younger brother Marquise Stokes who was killed by gun Violence. Marquise aka Lil White was a rapper, so in honour of his life they kept his name alive through songs and music videos.  While growing up Kevo’s musical influences were rappers like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane and a host of Battle Rappers. These influences and growing up in Chicago gave Kevo is his street edge and aggressive style.