Record Advance

We offer record advances for our artists to fund PR campaigns, digital marketing, recording studios, mixing, mastering, music videos and so much more. It enables them to finance their next music project and keep growing their international fanbase.

GYROadvance is a royalties pre-payment program designed to help our artists leverage the value in their catalogue. Our data-driven algorithms analyse artitsts current streaming numbers to check their eligibility.

 satellite 13 GYROadvance 

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    CONTACT satellite 13 entertainment group

    Contact SATELLITE 13 a via our email enquiry form to discuss your particluar funding needs 

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    Our team will review your submission and ask you for access to some extra data points such as your Spotify for Artists account to deep dive into the numbers.

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    if YOU ARE successful we'll offer OUR record advance 

    We’ll get in touch with you to provide an offer document, outlining the advance amount along with our terms and conditions.

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    once ACCEPTed we will advance the funds

    Once the offer is accepted by you, and provided your catalogue is distributed by SATELLITE 13, the payment will be in your account within 14 days.

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    KEEP TRACK OF YOUR advance RECOUPment STATUS online

    Your advance is recouped against royalty earnings each month until re-paid. You can see the progress of your repayments in your SATELLITE 13 payments dashboard.


Eligibility depends on the amount of streaming data that we have to work with. Your music needs to be distributed by us and be generating income on a monthly basis. If you don’t currently distribute with SATELLITE 13, we can still run the numbers and as long as you are able to switch to our music distribution service you can access the benefits of our advance funding programme.


GYROadvance amounts are individual to each artist and range from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands. The amount of money we can advance to you will depend on your current streaming numbers,  your expected future sales and your future release activity. All of which we take into account when analysing your data from streaming services.


GYROadvance has been designed to help independent artists reach the next level in their music career. Unlocking your future royalties early gives you the flexibility to record more often, purchase more  merchandise stock to sell on your next tour, hire a PR or marketing team, or fund any activity that can help boost your music career.