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About Satellite 13 Entertainment Group

Satellite 13 Entertainment Group  specialises in Artist Management, Record Production and Music Publishing. We work with Artists, Songwriters, Producers and Audio Engineers from around the world to delivery high quality acts to rock your world. Our passion for artist development runs deep, so we focus on strategies to help our artists develop their brand and capitalise on their unique talents. Its an obsession that means we cant help but push the envelope of whats possible for independent artists worldwide

 We are a global music company with international alliances and a solid list of strategic partners. Our goal is to help deliver great music and provide meaningful industry insights to our artists and clients. We help our acts to achieve their full potential in the highly competitive global music industry. The difference between us and a lot of other music consultancies,

is that we really care about our clients and always put them first. We are lazer focused on delivering world class strategies and solutions to our vast international roster of artists.

We provide management and career development strategies for artists, writers and producers. 
Our music production services include Songwriters, 
Producers and Audio Engineers, plus we also offer expertise in marketing and strategic planning.