Alyssa Ayaka Ichinose

Since her first piano lesson at the age of 2, Alyssa Ayaka Ichinose has dedicated her life to exploring the vast world of music. As a multi-genre composer, producer, and songwriter, Alyssa has written and collaborated on a wide range of content, including songs for K-Pop, J-pop and Canadian artists, as well as theme songs and soundtracks for documentaries, TV dramas, and commercials.

Her works have achieved #1 chart positions in Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia, along with a #2 position on the US Billboard 200. Alyssa’s knowledge of music composition and production is both broad and deep, having a degree in classical piano and composition from the prestigious Toho Gakuen University of Music, and graduating with honors from the Audio Production Program at Canada’s Harris Institute.

Her versatility in music extends to her instrumental abilities. In the past, Alyssa has received national awards as a junior concert pianist, played saxophone in a concert band, and performed as both the bass guitarist and
manager of her Japanese rock band.