M.B.G Money Mone

Base Location: Chicago Illinois
Growing up in Chicago, Illinois music was a way to be different and to express himself. Always being around friends who did music, kept M.B.G Money Mone out of trouble and It was an escape from everything going on around him. Im many ways you can say that music saved his life by keeping him away from the streets. Having a grandfather who made his break onto the music scene in the early 60’s with hits like Rescue Me, and  Your Love Lifts Me Higher & Higher, I seemed like M.B.G Money Mone had big shoes to fill. In 2015 the beginnings of MinerBoyGang aka MBG was developing. MBG comprised of 3 cousins all having the same last name being Miner.

It was then that they decided to bring their talents together and keep it in the family. They started doing everything  in house by MBG ,Marcus being Head Engineer / Videographer / Editor. Everyday the cousins worked and worked to develope their style, sound and delivery.

In 2015 they attended the Heroes and Legends Awards in Beverly Hills hosted by Janie Bradford. They were introduced to the pioneers of the game including producers and artists. Bumping shoulders with Bobby Brown during intermission led the cousins to enjoy a few drinks and discused music with Bobby Brown. He gave them his blessings and since then, they have been developing and growing as artists.