Lasse Meling

Base Location: Sweden
In collaboration with Curtis, Lasse debuted with the singles
"All About You" and "Let Me Be The One".
In 2015, Lasse won the viral talent contest '' Norm Stars '' Lasse was voted in first place with 200,000 Facebook followers and shortly after he released ‘’Follow’’ Written by Clara Sofie and produced by Emil Falk.
Here, Lasse showed a singing talent, far beyond the usual. The song was subsequently found with lots of MTV & VH1 views and many thousands of streams on Spotify. Lasse moved alone to Copenhagen one week after his 17th birthday to pursue his dreams. This resulted in a signing on AEM Records with distribution through Sony Music.

A collaboration with Ultramarin was established, where the single '' Reignite '' appeared as the first successful result. The Lasse and Ultramarin mix proved to be a radio darling. Subsequently, another Ultramarin-Lasse Meling single followed, a pop song where Lasse's RnB inspired vocals are the centre of the music.

Lasse has recently worked with Laurie Martin & Daniel Salcedo singing the demo song ‘’Never Give Up On You’’ to the UK Eurovision (which won). Shortly a week after Lasse released the single himself as well, with a co
producing from Mr. Salcedo. At a young age, Lasse Meling is already an experienced pop singer. Which he manifested with his single '' Reignite '' The song is written by Lasse and the duo Ultramarin, consisting of Ludvig Brygmann and Karl-Fredrik Reichhardt.

Lasse Meling's vocal and style is like himself; Fragile and sensitive, with a huge surplus and technical skill that makes him strong and exciting when he plays lightly with the phrases. Lasse is a new and obvious natural talent on the scene.

Lasse Meling - Discography
2018 Lasse Meling - Me, Myself & I (Single)
2018 Lasse Meling - Unfound (Single)
2017 Lasse Meling – Never Give Up On You (Music Video)
2017 Lasse Meling – Never Give Up On You (Single)
2016 Lasse Meling – Cannonball (Single)
2016 Lasse Meling – Reignite (Single)
2015 Lasse Meling – Follow (Single)
2014 Lasse Meling – Relations (EP)
2014 Lasse Meling – Let Me Be The One (Single)
2013 Lasse Meling – All About You (Single)