Satellite 13


Lewin is a Brisbane born music producer. His versatile production style includes Hip Hop, RnB, Pop and more recently EDM.  Influenced by many different genres of music and having crafted a unique sound over the years, Lewin has constantly caught the attention of local and international artists, record labels and fellow producers.

After living in Canada and the USA for a few years, he returned to Australia and started to learn music production in 2004, teaching himself how to use basic production software. Inspired by positive feedback on his production, Lewin decided to move to Perth and enrol in the School of Audio Engineering (SAE).
He began working with local Perth artists and eventually decided to immerse himself in the Hip Hop culture by heading back to where it all began, New York City. Spending most of his time in Brooklyn, he began building solid relationships and gaining respect from well-known artists and industry executives. Working with both Major and independent artists, Lewin has learnt how competitive the ever evolving music industry really works on all levels.

In 2014, Grammy award winning and Diamond selling producer “Boi-1da” sent Lewin a video message with words of advice and complimented him on his ideas and production skills. Returning to Perth with a positive outlook and an arsenal of productions, Lewin is now an integral part of the Satellite 13 production team.