Lost At Sea

Management: Jack White
Record Label: Revival Recordings
Base Location: Dallas Texas USA
Aaron Gonzalez - Vocals, Guitar
Philip Baugh - Bass
Carlos Garza- Drums

Based in Texas, LOST AT SEA balances rippling moments of vulnerability with crashing waves of aggression by combining elements of emo, pop-punk, and post-hardcore. Emerging from seemingly innocent waters, they bring with them countless stories that are both haunting and left unsaid. Rather than burying the past, vocalist/guitarist Aaron Gonzalez, bassist Philip Baugh, and drummer Carlos Garza continue to share personal anecdotes to inspire the desire to keep fighting when it seems like there isn’t any hope ahead.

Set for release in 2020, LOST AT SEA’s debut LP ‘Motion Sickness’ is a 10 song record that tackles intimate subject matter including loneliness, personal revelation, loss of loved ones, and love. Showcasing furious drums, gritty guitars, intimate ballads, and anthemic choruses, ‘Motion Sickness’ reveals layers of emotions that are raw and relatable.