Lilac Kings

Management: Jack White
Base Location: Tusla Oklahoma City USA
Dylan Mcbride - Vocals, Guitar
Cameron Wilkerson - Drums
Skyler Wilkerson - Guitar
Caleb Klusmeyer - Bass

Aggressively soft and softly progressive, Lilac Kings formed as an idea in late 2016. After branding ideas and songs  were in place, the band went into the studio and put out a single,  "Shiver," in January 2017. The band then went on to release their debut  EP "What Brings Us Back" on November 3rd, 2017 under We Are Triumphant  Records’ banner. On November 2nd, 2018, the band dropped their fresh new  single "Don't Pretend" which has been met with tremendous positivity  and has landed itself on several notable Spotify playlists including  "The Scene" and "New Punk Tracks". Following this successful release,  Lilac Kings put out an emotional yet tactful and compelling full length  record titled "Goodnight" which has multiple tracks across multiple  curated playlists. The band is set to tour through the states throughout  2019.